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mYak Tibetan Fibres

mYak Fior di Lino - 50% Tibetan Cloud Wool, 35% Baby Yak & 15% Italian Linen

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Fior di Lino: A Symphony of Nature’s Finest Fibers

Embark on a journey of sensory delight with “Fior di Lino where each stitch tells a story of timeless elegance and natural harmony.

Fior di Lino is a mesmerizing blend that marries the essence of Italian Linen, the ethereal softness of Baby Yak, and the richness of Tibetan wool. This fingering weight yarn, meticulously crafted with 15% Italian Linen, 35% Baby Yak and 50% Tibetan Cloud wool, weaves together the verdant beauty of Italian landscapes, the tranquil vastness of the Tibetan Plateau, and the everlasting grace of nature’s allure.

Fior di Lino, like all of our other yarns is transformed in Italy in artisanal mills that prioritize fair and safe working conditions, alongside a deep respect for the environment.


50% Tibetan Cloud, 35% Baby Yak and 15% Italian Linen

Weight approx 50 gr 

Length:  200 mt / 218 yds

Needles: 2.75 -3.5 mm / US 2-4